Welcome to 4020 Consult

People Strategy & Recruitment 

4020 was established to provide our client’s within the Construction, Engineering & Resources sectors with a unique approach to managing their People strategy and Recruitment operations.

With a clear focus to overcome the challenges that often beset SMEs, 4020 Consult saw an opportunity to engage in genuine partnerships with a select group of clients to enhance their people engagement strategies while also optimising their staff performance through training and coaching. The very core of our business though has always been recruitment, where we specialise is attracting the highest quality of candidates through our extensive networks and search techniques.

Clint Thorp – Chief Executive Officer | Pensar

“I have known Joel Martin for the best part of 15 years and during this time have developed a strong work and personal friendship. Joel has a unique ability to match people to businesses to get the best results for both parties. His ability to understand your business and take the time to vest himself in it is second to none in my opinion. Whilst Joel has been working at Pensar he has revolutionised the way we look at brand management, marketing and opening up opportunities in markets we were not involved in. He has also ensured that the people being employed at Pensar are of the highest standard and continue to improve the company’s culture. His ability to work in broken play and navigate difficult situations make him a person that can be relied upon when things are not going particularly well. Overall Joel is a person that will make a difference and has a positive influence.”