About 4020 Consult

4020 Consult is an agile and innovative company with a game changing approach to taking your operations and brand to the next level. We offer an integrated solution that allows our clients to optimise the power and reach of their brand via marketing/social media, business development and recruitment activities. Engaging 4020 Consult to implement a unified, strategic approach to all three elements will deliver exceptional results.

4020 Consult are the pioneers in the provision of this cohesive approach, our unique value proposition is to harness the amazing power of these elements and supercharge your business to enable you to engage with the right customers, suppliers and future staff members.

Judd Fowler – National Resourcing Manager | Fulton Hogan

“Joel‘s professionalism and knowledge of the civil market is second to none. He very quickly adapted to the business culture and got buy-in from senior management very quickly. His ability to work closely with the managers to deliver the right outcomes for business was fantastic. He helped to resource the project in half the time needed and with substantial cost savings to the project. I would engage him again without hesitation if the need arose.”

Todd Stubbings – Human Resources Manager | Seymour Whyte

“Joel’s strength is that he has gained a genuine understanding of our business and our cultural values over a number of years of working with Seymour Whyte, and he recruits high calibre candidates that share these values. This affords Joel a distinct advantage over the rest of the recruiting market.”